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The Dance Centre Plans and Protocols for Reopening 

Below is a summary of our Protocols for Reopening. You may find our entire Reopening Safely Plan along with our Waiver and Declaration of Compliance by clicking HERE. 

We are so excited to be opening again! We take everyone’s health and safely seriously and want to provide a fun and positive atmosphere while maintaining social distancing protocols. Please read below and email us any questions you may have. Everyone signing up for August classes must fill out our waiver before the start of classes. The Waiver and Declaration of Compliance will be emailed to registered August students.

Safety Plan
The Dance Centre (TDC) has created a safety plan for reopening. Our safety plan will be posted on our website. Many of the items are summarized below. 

Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability
We have updated our participation waiver including Coronavirus/Covid-19. Parents/guardians of dancers, and adult dancers, must sign the waiver before studio participation.

Declaration of Compliance Concerning Covid-19
We are taking Covid-19 seriously at TDC. We want to ensure we are all on the same page when it comes to compliance to agreements, guidelines and rules concerning Covid-19, and participation in studio events/classes. All parents/guardians of dancers, and adult dancers, must sign the declaration of compliance upon registration and before studio participation.

A self-assessment for Covid-19 must be done before a dancer, staff member or visitor enter the studio for any reason. Administering the self-assessment tool (see Appendix A in our Safety Plan) is the responsibility of the child’s parent/caregiver or each adult dancer before the dancer comes to dance. 

A dancer showing any signs or symptoms of illness, or answering Yes to any of the questions in the assessment tool, must not attend dance class. A dancer’s entrance into the studio indicates this monitoring has been done for that day. The same requirements apply to all staff members and visitors.

Any dancer who feels ill during dance class must inform the instructor or a staff member. Any dancer who exhibits symptoms of Covid-19 during dance class will be isolated, and the parent contacted for pickup. Parents must ensure they are readily and easily available, and cell phone numbers are up-to-date at the studio. 

Come Dressed for Dance
Change rooms are closed. Dancers must come to dance already dressed in their dance clothes. Washrooms are not to be used as change rooms. 

Dancers bring or wear dance shoes. Bare feet for classes is not allowed (with a few exceptions such as Acro). For children who cannot do up or put on their own shoes, parents must bring them to the studio with their dance shoes already on. 

All dancers, staff and visitors must wear a mask or face covering upon entry and exit of the studio. Each dancer must bring a personal mask from home. Please check that the mask fits well. A disposable mask may be available at the studio for use if you have forgotten yours; however, these are limited.

All dancers and staff must wear a mask during stretching and non-strenuous activities. Masks may only be removed during activity that is strenuous. A dancer may choose to wear their mask throughout the entire class, and does not have to remove it for more strenuous activities.

All dancers, staff and visitors must wear a mask when leaving the dance area to go to the washroom or another non-dance activity.

Physical Distancing
All dancers, instructors, staff and visitors must practice physical distancing outside and inside the studio, while entering and exiting, and during all dance instruction. 
Physical distancing requirements apply to all participants, even among those who are friends and have close contact with each other outside of dance.

Physical distancing is a studio requirement, even when you are wearing a mask.

Waiting Areas
The lobby and other gathering spaces are closed to parents and other visitors. Wait for your dancer in the parking lot. 
Park away from the garage doors, and watch for children and others in the parking lot. Drive slowly, safely and carefully. 

Dancer Entry and Exit
Each dancer must wear a face covering during entry and exit.
Hand sanitizer is available for dancers upon entry and exit. Please ensure your dancer hand-sanitizes before entry.
Dancers enter the studio through one side of the garage doors and exit through the other side as indicated at the studio.

Supervise your dancer until the garage door is opened for the start of the class or session. Do not simply drop off your dancer. Be waiting for them when the garage door is opened at the end of the classroom session. Practice physical distancing.

There is a 15 minute break during switch over of classes for studio areas to be cleaned. 

Designated dance spaces inside the studio 
The studio floor has been marked with large squares using pink tape.Each square is an individual dance space that accommodates social distancing. 

Upon entry, dancers go to their individual square along designated pathways. Each square is numbered. Dancers fill up the squares in order starting with #1. Dancers stay/dance in their individual square until instructed otherwise by their teacher.

Instructors (for the most part) will teach from a platform at the front of the studio so dancers may see them, and they can see all dancers.

There is no physical contact between dancers and instructors, and physical distancing will be maintained except in the case of an emergency that demands otherwise. The exception may be acro when spotting is required, and in which case, instructors will wear masks.

Other dance pathways
Dancers may at times do travelling steps from one end of the studio to the other. In such cases, the dancer pathways and directions are marked with white tape. Physical distancing will be maintained.

Dance bags
Only send essentials to dance class with your dancer. Keep items coming into the studio to a minimum.All items must fit inside a single (and not oversized) bag, including your dancer’s filled-up water bottle. It is also recommended your dancer bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer for personal use to keep in their dance bag.
A dancer’s bag will stay near the dancer’s individual square for the duration of the dance class. 

Our washrooms are open to dancers and staff only. 

Please ensure your dancers uses the washroom at home before coming to the studio so we can lessen the amount of trips to the washroom, and help keep the studio clean and germ free. Explain to them washrooms must only be used if necessary. 

Ensure your child knows how to properly wash their hands after washroom use. 

Zoom classes

In the event of a change in the ability of the studio to remain open (i.e, another lockdown or a movement back to phase 1 or 2), all in-studio classes will shift to Zoom or another live video platform. There will be no reimbursement of dance fees. All remaining classes will continued online for the duration of the session.

Parent/Child Review
Review the new rules with your dancer concerning reopening of TDC, and participation and behaviour in dance class. Talk about entry and exit, the need for physical distancing applying to everyone, wearing a mask, staying in our marked-off dance squares until instructed by our teachers, minimal use of the washroom, etc. That will help make our reopening smoother and safer — thank you.